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Malali Bashir is an award winning journalist and a former Fulbright alumni from Greater Kandahar area of Afghanistan. She is a writer, researcher, artist and poet. Bashir was awarded the Most Influential Twitter User in 2015. She was also named among 12 Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty Journalists Who Make Headlines.
Being a keen observer of current affairs and having taken part in numerous debates about issues related to political situation and human rights (especially women rights), she has written for various Afghan magazines and international websites such as BBCPashto, RFE/RL and The DailyTimes.

Malali blogs to raise awareness about Afghanistan related issues and to give the readers some insight about the ongoing situation in Afghanistan and about its history, economy, politics, human rights issues, and cultures and traditions.
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I am open to all kinds of feedback, criticism and ideas. Please do not hesitate to comment or send me an email about the blog and topics you would like to read more about.

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Articles for other publications: 

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  • Fighting the Hydra: The Battle to End Corruption in Afghanistan
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  • The Future of Afghan Economy
  • Love-Marriages in the Pashtun Society
  • The Cost of Being a “Real” Pashtun Woman
  • God Created Me, You Made Me, Mor!
Media Interviews:  
  • BBC: Report about successful Facebook campaign to highlight the heroism of Shah Mahmood, a Helmand resident who saved a school by giving his life. 
  • CODEPINK co-founder Jodie Evans interviews Malali Bashir, an Afghan-American Fulbright Scholar pursuing her MBA in International Business at Brandeis University. Prior to receiving the Fulbright award for pursuing her masters degree in United States, she has worked with Afghan Ministry of Counter Narcotics.  Bashir also writes poetry, paints and instructs English with the British Council. This interview, originally posted on the CODEPINK blog, PINKtank. Check out full interview here and here.


  1. You do not need to search for jobs. This is the biggest job you have--providing real info about your country. :)

    You have a very cool blog. Congrats!

  2. Thank you Anonumous. People like you are the motivation for me to work more.

  3. It is an interesting blog that I have ever come cross, giving a deep insight and good understanding on many issues like Afghan politics, culture and issues related to the whole regions......You are doing a great job, keep it up.... It is surprising to see that girls with the name "Malalai" become symbols of courage, signs of struggle and source of hopes and inspiration..... They are always striving for some cause and fighting against injustice, ignorance and backwardness....through their struggle they always make us proud and never let down our "Shmla"........ Malalai of Meiwand, Malala of Yousafzai, and Malali of Bashir....to name the few.......two thumbs up for all of you.........You are the little rays of our hopes that r twinkling on our dark and cloudy horizon....Da Sabawon Pa thama , (a Waziri)